Consumers today have lots of sources to find out information about products, product lines, product variables, product attributes, distribution options, strategic partnerships, pricing, sales promotions, new product development, and more.

Well, as public servants, The 2 Guyz have special information on a new product which will only be available until through Halloween. This special information should be of particular interest to, well, zombies and the Walking Dead.

A business and marketing concept, new product development, or NPD (under “product” in the 9P’s of marketing), covers the complete process of bringing a new product or service to the market place. Earlier today, Starbucks introduced their Zombie Frappuccino, available for a limited time. They picked Halloween in US and Canada. The Zombie Frappuccino combines pink whipped crème, the flavors of apple and caramel-flavored Frappuccino crème, plus red mocha drizzle or dribble. The company described the color of the drink as “ghastly green.” New product development is described in our marketing classes as the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale.

The Price (another of the 9 P’s)? This Zombie Frappuccino (12 oz.) will be $4.75-$4.95, depending on the market or “Place.” Starbucks has previously introduced their All Hallows’ Eve, Franken Frappuccino and Frappula Frappuccino.

2 Guyz Brian is low carb, and even though he loves coffee, he’s leaving this one to 2 Guyz Larry to taste test.

How successful with the drink be? Not sure, but from the standpoint of Promotion, they’ve already got us talking about it!