Well, 18,534 days and still counting.

Find this under our long-lasting “Promotion” file. 

Last weekend a creative director friend gave 2 Guyz Londre a November 28, 1969 copy of LIFE magazine.

On page 13 was an Arrow Cordial’s ad with the flavors of “finest mint,” “rich, rip blackberries” and “finish cocoa.” 

Londre can report that this “breathtaking” offer is still working.

They were using the subhead: “Up until now (or in November 1969) the only way you could smell the real fresh aroma of the fruits, herbs and spices that go into every Arrow Cordial, was to open a bottle. Now all you have to do is scratch.”

Londre did some Internet research today and found “Created in the early-twentieth century using secret family recipes from Europe, Arrow® is the #3 best-selling cordial line in America. The product line includes a full array of flavored schnapps, sweet and sour Smackers and brandies, vodka, rum, as well as traditional cordials, liqueurs and creams.

For many advertising campaigns, The 2 Guyz would say that the type of product you are selling is one factor in how long an advertising ad or campaign takes to work.

Some will say in a week or a month.

Give any campaign at least two to four weeks to see if it’s going to work or not.

One more discovery: The Creme de Menthe or Arrow Creme De Menthe White 30 Proof 750ml 12-In is now Peppermint.