It’s a question we get frequently from clients and students?

Last month Larry went to a presentation on the “Death of Retail,” at the UCLA Economic Forecast. He mentioned to his table that the bet for over/under on the mentions of “Amazon” would be 99.

He wasn’t far off.

Amazon is influencing everything. Plenty of mentions on the mega-shopping site, Amazon instead of retail and malls. So what’s new in advertising and promotion? It’s on Amazon.

Just look at this recent piece from about brands teens are beginning to hate, but the article IN THE TITLE says “Amazon isn’t one of them”.

Retailers are looking for more presentation and a better display of their product, whether in store on online. The question is, how do you do that online?

Well, for $500K Amazon will allow brands to enhance their product pages on Amazon. The pages will include a “from the manufacturer” section with a dynamic and dominant presentation.

Londre has his nine P’s and one of those P’s is “presentation.” Here’s a great example which blends “Product,” Promotion” and “Presentation.” a more dynamic presentation. These pages will include wide-screen videos and interactive, multimedia displays. They are called “premium” pages, and the $500K is per brand per year.

It’s a virtual shelf space to encourage clicks and buys.

This is arguably the newest type of virtual slotting fee!