Trix cereal marketing

What is a product that’s “new and improved” but looks and tastes worse?

Bonus question…what cereal brand is bringing back artificial colors and flavors?

General Mills is reintroducing the original version of its Trix product after customers thought the natural flavor and taste wasn’t a product improvement. They hated the look and the taste.

The actual users or “People,” one of the Nine P’s of Marketing, wanted their tasty and artificially neon-color breakfast cereal Trix back.

The 2 Guyz on Marketing like to use the classic slogan “Trix are for kids.” It demonstrates target marketing. Plus it’s directed at the users not the buyers in many cases.

Kids and adults alike expressed their distaste after Trix decided to start using fruit and vegetables concentrates and spice extracts, like turmeric and annatto—instead of Red 40 and Yellow 6 food dyes—to color their cereal.

The cereal itself is the Product, another of the Nine P’s of Marketing. The product changed from what it was. Now it is changing back. Confusing for “people”? Yes. Necessary? Probably

The old and the not improved product is coming back in October. Look for the 2 Guyz on Marketing to do a special on-camera test in the near future!