personal brand

Larry, one of The 2 Guyz just went to a Marketing seminar on entrepreneurs at LMU.

The title was “Built to Scale: A master class in what it takes to win in entrepreneurship.” Or building scale on a new business venture. 

One of the speakers said: 

“Brands Are Becoming People, People Are Becoming Brands.”  

For 20 or 30 years 2 Guyz Larry been saying that students in class are building their brands. Each one of them. How they do in class; how they interact with team members; how they are working; how they study…it is all personal brand building.

Each student is building their own brand. I had impact when I would say that and had good teams for the team presentations.  I was looking for accountability.

I believe that all people are their building brands.  

But when I asked the speaker to give me an example of a company becoming a person, he said “emotion.” Forgot the companies.

OK, that was a partial answer.

I thought about that. A little later I walked up to him and said “You’re right and you made me think.

I also said there’s a marketing concept of “brand personality.” 

Grey Advertising had trademarked the term “Brand Character.” They sold that idea to clients. 

Grey Advertising was one of the advertising agencies mentioned in “Mad Men.” The 2 Guyz both worked at Grey.

We describe and teach that “brand personality” is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. 

A brand personality to us is something to which the consumer can relate to. It’s got a personality. The product or service. Microsoft has a different brand personality than Apple. 

We teach that an effective brand can increase its brand equity by having or communicating a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment or target could recognize.

These traits could help sell. Done wrong, they could also hurt sales.