NFL Chargers

The 2 Guyz On Marketing (aka 2 Guys On Marketing) are heading off to the L.A. Chargers home pre-season opener this weeking. Fresh from their move, how will they do…from a marketing standpoint?

Let’s loo at 2 of the 9 P’s (from Larry Steven Londre’s 9 P’s of Marketing), the Product and Place, for the NFL in Los Angeles. The ultimate question is: Will a Los Angeles Chargers game at StubHub  be better in Carson than a Los Angeles Rams game at the Coliseum?

  1. Chargers play in a stadium with only 27K seats, versus 80K at Coliseum
  2. There will be more video boards than at the Coliseum.
  3. StubHub Stadium has a $8 million dollar European-style cloth or fabric roof at Carson
  4. Chargers may have a better season. They were 5-11 last year. Rams were 4-12. The Rams were 1-7 at home last year.
  5. The StubHub’s football seating capacity will be less than half of every other NFL Stadium
  6. The 2 Guyz on Marketing will see on Sunday, but the parking may be better than around the Coliseum
  7. The seats will be closer to the game. It will be two years until the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is upgraded. StubHub has already been upgraded.
  8. There are 43 luxury boxes. The Coliseum has zero.
  9. The restrooms or pottys are movie star versus construction sites. The restrooms at the Coliseum are barely adequate.
  10. The Rams play the Dallas Cowboys tomorrow. We’ll know the score.
  11. The Chargers play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The Seahawks will be a better opponent than the Cowboys.

Look for a post on marketing at NFL games in the very near future!


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