In the year of their 30th anniversary for the watershed “Just Do It” campaign, Nike aired a new 90 second spot “Dream Crazier”.

Serena Williams narrates the moving spot that depicts woman after woman, girl after girl, in sporting situations. Williams lists the words so often used to describe women athletes: nuts, delusional, dramatic, etc.

Late in the spot, Williams comes to the word crazy, and rather than fight it, the dialog embraces it. Nike, through Williams and a superbly-edited commercial appropriate (and rightly so) the term “crazy”. Yes, women athletes are crazy…in a good way.

The spot ends with the lines, “So if they wanna call you crazy, fine. Show them what crazy can do.”

Homerun. Touchdown. Goal. Slam dunk. Nike “Just Do It” rides again.

Nike has strayed here and there, and many question the strategy of the Colin Kaepernick ad of last year, but with Dream Crazy they have returned to the roots that helped build a superbrand.

Two Guyz Brian said of the spot, “It’s why I got into advertising in the first place, spots like this. I love the story it tells. I love the emotion it evokes. And I love the message it conveys. It makes me want to ‘just do it’, and it makes me want to buy something Nike right now.”

And creating a spot that is about the power of women and female athletes that MOST guys will like is not an easy feat.

The 2 Guyz On Marketing teach that emotion is a much more powerful communications tool than logic the vast majority of the time. Done properly, emotional appeals get into your psyche and your soul. They touch you in ways you were not expecting, and not prepared for. And that makes them both powerful and memorable.

A bit crazy? Brilliantly crazy.